Graphic Design

My client AWS planned jubilee celebrations for the company. They’ve already had the rough sketch of what would be going down that evening. They were about to stage a colorful cabaret in all its wonderful facets. Pondering over the communication concept I stumbled across this papercut collage technique I’ve always wanted to do for a customer. I gathered all the materials needed and got to work – images needed to be isolated, de-colored and then re-colored to achieve this specific vintage look, groups of images were arranged and slowly everything fell into place.

The final design was then spread over different layouts, printed materials lika a pull-out-card and an animation. It worked perfectly.

“Moritz immediately captured what we were up to and developed and executed the campaign with outstanding quality and routine including all the details.”

Jürgen Maschl, AWS

Have the beholder understand the information required

And then act the way intended

That’s what graphic design is about